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What We Do

How It Works

GoCode offers individualized weekly computer science lessons to students ages 8 to 18.

We Come To You

Our Experts come to you, so that each student learns lifelong computer science skills from the comfort and convenience of their home.

Individualized Instruction

Each student is unique and deserves a unique curriculum which caters to their needs, chases their passions, and broadens their horizons.

24/7 Support

Students need more than a few weeks at a camp to learn real skills. With weekly lessons, our Experts provide long-term, dedicated mentorship.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoCode has a holistic approach to computer science education. This means that each Expert assesses their students individually, tailoring their instruction to the student’s skill level and passions. From the most advanced coders looking for more challenging material to the very beginners who need to be guided through the basics, our Experts have material ready for your student’s best development and growth.

Our core curricula forms the base on which all other computer science skills can be developed. This core curricula includes Scratch, Python, Processing, Java, and various supplementary skills. The core curricula is not platform specific, so Experts can teach students just as well on pretty much any computer.

All GoCode Experts are fluent in our core curricula on all platforms. Each Expert then also has additional skills and curricula that they specialize in, so that every Expert offers their students something special. Finally, Experts are constantly improving their skills, and can adapt to teach whatever their students want to learn.

Here’s a list of most of the skills GoCode Experts can teach. If you don’t see a skill here or want a particular skill for your student, let us know! We will certainly have an Expert ready to teach your student that skill.

Every student is unique, and our goal is to provide each student with the highest quality education. All students work through the material at different rates, depending on their age, grade level, prior ability, practice time, and various other factors. GoCode is much more interested in pushing each student to their maximum potential than putting students in a box or on a timeline that they do not fit.

Generally, students learn best when they have one weekly lesson. Our Experts work with student’s parents to ensure that they understand their student’s ongoing development and what their student will be learning in the future. We guarantee your student will learn faster and more effectively from their GoCode Expert than from any other competing program!

All you need is a computer that your student can consistently work on for each lesson. Experts can teach equally well on Apple or Windows computers.

Who We Are

Our team is passionate about computer science education.


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Student Project Showcase

Here are some cool projects made by our students!

Taco Dude

By Harrison, age 10

Doggo World

By Rhia, age 13

Awesome Monkey Ali

By Ali, age 8

Bread Battles

By Nikil, age 13

Hipojogo Huffputt Goes Into The Caves

By Ahalya, age 8


By Jonah, age 14


Here's what parents and students have to say about GoCode!

GoCode’s individualized program allows my son to work at his own pace, one-on-one with his instructor, and to follow his interests as they arise. GoCode’s curriculum is sophisticated, useful, and fascinating, and gives my son the programming tools he needs to unleash his creativity on the computer.

- Elizabeth, Parent of GoCode Student

My teenager not only has learned a lot, but also has been inspired to pursue computer science in school and possibly in the future.

- Josefina, Parent of GoCode Student

Soon you will be developing code that you never thought you could and learning things you never thought you could!

- Anoushka, GoCode Student, Age 8